Just who is Simon Jones?

Before i Forget (Blog)
This is my blog. Here you'll be able to read regular posts I make on a wide range of subjects as well as recent photographs from my travels. You can leave comments as you please and also search the archive which dates back to 1997.

Started back in 1997 when I was working at the University of Liverpool, this is an online collection of articles written by me simply because I wanted to write. Originally known as 'Meanwhile Back in Reality' the name was shorted to 'Meanwhile' when I took up writing again after a short break.

Point and Click America
This is a little website I created back in 2002 while on a train from Seattle to Portland. It was simply a way I could share pictures from my trip to the USA with my friends around the world.

simon jones photography
While I am no prize winning photographer I have managed to sell my photographic services and photographs over the last couple of years. I don't currently have a site devoted exclusively to this string of my creative bow, but I plan to develop this site one day.

Posh Telly
A very old and now long since dated sites that features some very early attempts I made at making Short movies just for fun. Some are dumb, others are a little bit more 'artsy' but all are made with just my video camera, my Mac and iMovie. I no longer update Posh Telly, but I've left the site online for posterity.

American Reality Radio (Podcasts)
In 1999 I took a hand held tape recorder to the States in order to capture some sound bites from my trip as I couldn't afford a video camera at the time! I ended up creating this site and some 'MTV' style radio shorts for my friends to listen to online, shows that would these days be called 'Podcasts.'

Reality Radio (Podcasts)
Inspired by the site above I continued making 'Reality Radio' podcast shows for a while. A second series in America was recorded as well as other shows covering various events like an eclipse, a road trip to Paris, and a wedding in Ireland.

People often ask me what I look like, so to satisfy the kind of curiosity that cats fear, I created a little page featuring a few pictures of me. They date from 1996 to the present day.

And Finally
Although it should be obvious, much of what you read on any of my websites is based upon my personal opinion and experience which may of course differ from your own. So, for example, if I write something about politics or church that you don't agree with, you should view this as merely a journalistic expression and while you're welcome to contact me you might try to remember that diversity is a good thing.