• Incredible India. See pictures from Tamil Nadu.

    Back in 2008 I travelled to the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It was the second time I had been to India. Far from the cultures of Europe, 'Incredible India' remains one of the most enthralling and exciting places to visit.

    See more pictures and read my account of that trip to India. On the road in India

  • Beautiful Bali.

    In 2011 I visited Ubud, Bali. The lush green rice terraces throughout the region are truly spectacular. My visit there, and the insane and hectic road traffic, reminded me of what is I love about being in Asia.

    In the coming weeks I will be writing about Bali and sharing pictures of that trip on my blog. Get this post delivered directly to your email and be among the first to see this. Subscribe to my blog

  • Singapore. Bright lights, big city, and noisy formula one cars!

    Having stopped over in Singapore on my way to Australia in December 2010, I returned to the Southeast Asian city-state in September 2011 just in time to see 22 Formula One cars race around the city in the only nighttime Grand Prix. I'll be writing about this on my blog soon. Don't miss it

  • When spirits rise.

    One of the things I find most fascinating about mankind is how different cultures across the world have come to recognize and celebrate spirituality.

    If God is a creative power, then maybe when we’re not blinded by our differences, mankind’s truest reflection of God is in our ability to create. Read more

  • Hong Kong. City of lights and concrete canyons.

    I have yet to visit mainland China, but in 2009 I celebrated my birthday in Hong Kong. Amid the soaring tower blocks and canyon like streets I wandered in a state of amazement as surely anyone who had never been to such a place would.

    I travel, it's what I do. Travel with me

  • My life down under.

    Thousands of Brits relocate to Australia every year. They go in search of sun, sea, and.. well, lets just leave it at that.

    In 2010 I left the UK to embark on my own Australian exploration, spending more than a year 'down under.' Find out how it's going

  • Moving moments on Australia's awe inspiring Great Ocean Road.

    The Great Ocean Road that threads its way along Australia's south Victorian coastline is certainly one of the most spectacular roads in Australia and probably the world.

    In 2011 I drove that road three times each time experiencing it differently. Read more about my Australian adventure on my blog

  • Human traffic. A life in the day of the Melbourne tram system.

    In December 2011 I spent a day riding the trams in Melbourne in search of the stories an average day on Yarra Trams would reveal.

    In the coming weeks I will be writing about that day. Be among the first to see that post by getting it sent to your email. Learn how

  • Where is the most beautiful place in the world?

    There are probably a great many places that could fight for the title of the most beautiful place in the world. Among them would be the tropical South Pacific lagoon of Aitutaki.

    Part of the Cook islands this place is the most beautiful place in the world I have ever had the privalage to visit. See more

  • Colorful Croatia

    Back in 2007 I made a memorable trip to Croatia's Istrian Peninsula with my brother who owned an apartment there. I was seduced by the beautiful and vibrant colors of the buildings in that historic region.

    Two years later I returned there with my friend Becky. Check out pictures and read my account from colorful Coratia

  • Life on the road

    In 2011 I purchased a van and set out on a road-trip around Australia. From Melbourne to beyond Cairns, then across to Darwin before trekking back to Melbourne through the outback via iconic Uluru and Adalaide. The trip covered thousands of kilometers and took nearly five months to complete.

    Along the way, I couch-surfed, slept in my van, and learned how to live life on the wide open roads of Australia. Read more

  • Getting my teeth into the big apple.

    I've never been a big fan of New York city. It's not that I don't like the place, it's just that I don't think we really get one another. I try, and maybe in the future I will, but for now I remember New York from the the pictures I took a few years ago. One day I'll return and maybe then I too will "heart" New York.

    See more New York needs release

  • I'm a couch surfer.

    Thanks to the website couchsurfing.org a growing network of travellers from all over the world have been able to enjoy the hospitality of strangers from across the globe.

    I've been a 'couch surfer' since 2008 and stayed with strangers from Italy to Japan, Australia, to Polcand. I've opened my home to many social travellers and continue to enjoy 'couch surfing' today. See couchsurfing.org

  • A moment of reflection.

    As a photographer, I always try to find an alternative way to present a scene, something beyond the usual point and click.

    Searching out reflections often provides an interesting angle to see even the most mundane and everyday setting. Looking at the world inside the reflection sometimes gives you pause for a moment of reflection.

    Point and Click America

  • I think I may be the only 'grown up' who still waves at planes.

    When I was a kid I sometimes used to lie on the grass in our back garden looking up at the sky, picking out objects and finding faces in the clouds as they moved in slow motion far above me.

    I know they can't see me as I wave. They don't need to see me. I'm not waving for them... I'm waving for me. Waving at planes


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